Amongst other things membership gives you a path to competition licenses, training (as an official or a competitor). We'd love to have you on board with South Australia's most progressive and active Road Racing club. Our annual fee is $40. To register, simply click the register button in the top right hand corner.

We meet at 8:00pm on the third Tuesday night of each and every month at the Velocette MCC clubrooms 74 Drayton St, Bowden (South of Hawker St) in Adelaide, South Australia.

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The constitution of the club has remained relatively unchanged since the foundation in 1978. Landmarks were the revision in the 1980's to allow non-riding members to hold office, and an overhaul of membership classes and quorum sizes to cater for the increased size of the club, plus the addition of promotion of the sport of motorcycling to the objectives in 2004. You can view a copy of the constitution by clicking this link.